2024 Protocols and Expectations

COVID Related

  • We are no longer requiring documentation of vaccination status for COVID-19.
  • We expect participants to be responsible. If you are feeling sick or know you have been exposed, do not come to rehearsal. To mitigate the effects of potential missed rehearsals, we will record rehearsals so that you can still participate at your convenience during the week.
  • Use of masks in rehearsals may vary according to current conditions. Generally, masks will be optional for rehearsals; however if conditions change we may require the consistent use of masks. Anyone who prefers to wear a mask for rehearsals is welcome to do so.


Your membership in the chorus is a covenant commitment with the leadership, other chorus members, and yourself to devote yourself to the work of making the group successful. This commitment includes the following:

  • Your membership is an agreement on your part to devote at least one hour per week (minimum) outside of rehearsal to learning and rehearsing the music using the tools provided. While one hour/week is the minimum, 15 minutes or more per day is recommended.
  • If you have to miss a rehearsal due to illness or other constraints, you will be expected to review and practice with the recording of the missed rehearsal in a timely manner, preferably within the week.
  • If you are going to miss more than two rehearsals in a session, you need to talk with Alice to discuss your strategy for ensuring that you are prepared for the concert.

Basic Membership Requirements

  • You must love to sing!
  • It is expected that singers will have a basic understanding of musical notation and the ability to follow where we are in rehearsals. This does not mean you are expected to sight read, but that the musical notation should be familiar enough to serve as a “map” in rehearsal and as an aid in your practice time.
  • You should be able, with practice, to sing your part accurately, on pitch and in rhythm as written.