Trumansburg Community Chorus Spring 2023 Session News

Dear Singers,

The Trumansburg Community Chorus lives and will sing again! Many of you have heard by now that we plan to start a new session in January, 2023. Based on the responses we received on our recent survey, we anticipate about 30–40 participants. 

Rehearsals will be on Monday nights! Although our email of October 27 announced we would be moving to Tuesdays, that plan has proved untenable. So, we are back to our traditional time-slot, Monday nights from 7–9 pm. 

The deadline to register for the Spring 2023 session is December 30, 2022. Registration is online; see our registration page for a link to the signup form. Details including important dates and locations as well as a few changes in protocol follow. 

Important Dates

Friday, December 30, 2022 deadline:

  • Register online
  • Submit proof of vaccination & booster
  • Submit registration fee

Monday, January 16, 2023 – first rehearsal

Saturday, May 13 – first performance, 7:30 pm, at the First Presbyterian Church of Ulysses

Sunday, May 14 – second performance, 4:00 pm, same location

Other possible performances TBA

Rehearsal Locations

  • Melvin Room, Ulysses Philomathic Library. We can use this as our primary rehearsal space for up to 40 singers. If we have a larger group, we will move to one of the secondary locations below.
  • The First Presbyterian Church of Ulysses, both the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, are secondary locations. All these locations are centrally located and accessible. 

Changes in Protocol

In answer to questions on the survey, we will be requiring participants to be up-to-date on Covid vaccine and boosters including the bivalent booster by December 30, 2022. This will allow time for the booster to take effect before our first rehearsal. 

However, we have decided not to require rapid Covid tests before each rehearsal. We do expect participants to be responsible: stay home if you are not feeling well or if you know you may have been exposed. As noted earlier, rehearsals will be recorded and made available online later, and you will be expected to practice with the recording if you need to miss a live rehearsal. However, participation via online rehearsals only is not an option at this time. 

Registration Fee

The cost of registration for the semester will be $60 ($45 for students). If you opted for the $25 credit at the close of our last session, in March, 2020, that will be deducted from your amount due, leaving a balance of $35 ($20 for students) for this session. This amount includes the cost of a singer’s mask, which will be issued to you at our first rehearsal and will then belong to you. For this first session, we are subsidizing the cost of the masks, and you may continue to use your mask for future sessions. If your mask is lost or damaged, you will need to pay full price for a replacement. 

As always, if cost is a hardship for you, please let us know! We do not want anyone excluded because of inability to pay. Please speak to one of our treasurers, Barbara Melvin or Margo Alexander, or to Alice or anyone on the steering committee (members are listed at the end of this email), to let us know your concerns. You do not need to provide “proof” of hardship, and your request will be kept confidential. 

Review of Protocols

Here is a link to the revised protocols; please review before registering.

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