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Rehearsals are suspended for 2 weeks

Hello Singing Friends,
After much discussion amongst our Steering Committee (Margo, Chris, Sara, Barbara, Suzanne, Evangeline and I), we have made the decision to suspend rehearsals for the next 2 weeks- March 16 and 23. After that 2-week period is up, we will reassess the COVID-19 risk level and make a determination about the rest of the session. 
In the meantime, continue to work on your music as if we will continue, so you’ll be ready for anything. In addition, “Dr.” Ploss says:  sing with your favorite music, dance in your house, seek out new music to listen to or exercise to. Hydrate. Eat cleanly. Take your vitamins. Wash your hands. Get plenty of sleep. Laugh every day.
The safety of our singers and the community that surrounds us all has to be the highest priority right now. Even though Tompkins County Health department has stated that the risk is low here, we really have no way of knowing for sure, since not much testing is going on around us. Social distancing will help to ensure that when the virus enters our area (and the authorities assure us that IT WILL) it won’t have an open door to create mayhem for us all. Around the country hundreds of choral organizations are canceling concerts, trips, contests, workshops, and rehearsals. The Hobart and William Smith College Chorale Tour was canceled just last evening. We aren’t the only ones who are facing these tough decisions, and there is a collective sense of disappointment in the greater choral music community.
I plan on making you a video for Bring Me Little Water Sylvie today. Keep working at it! It’s good for the brain (and soul) to sing and move and to challenge yourself in this way. Plus, it’s kinda fun, don’t you think?
Thank you all for your understanding, good spirit, and dedication to this group. 
I’m sure you know by now what to do to help thwart the spread of this virus, so I’ll leave you with this little gem:
I wish you well, and I’ll miss seeing all your bright shiny faces for the next couple of Monday evenings. Please stay in touch.
Love, Alice

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