William Tell Overture

Hey there everybody! This will be tons of fun.
Please mark the sign (on the top of page 6) and the coda (top of page 13) so you know where you are going.
Here’s the road map:
First time straight through until the bottom of 12
When you get to D.S. al coda, go back to page 6, m. 35
continue on until the bottom of page 9- when you see the coda sign (which looks like a target scope) turn to the coda, find the matching symbol, and sing to the end.
Mark those spots to lower the level of confusion, please.
I had a little trouble at those places, trying to turn and continue playing, so there are a few small glitches, but I’m not worried. You’ll figure it out. Have fun!
sop 1:
sop 2:
alto 1:
alto 2:
tenor 1:
tenor 2:
all parts:
Here is a version of our arrangement. Their pitch is squirrelly, but you get the idea.

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