Peze Kafe

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“Ostinato” is a music term that means any repeated pattern. In the opening of Peze Kafe, the bass, tenor and alto sections have ostinatos that are repeated through out the first page, underneath the soprano melody. After sops sing all the repeats on that first page, we take the second ending, which lands us right at the top of the second page. The short ostinatos end and the longer ones begin. These ostinatos (patterns) are 4 measures long, and repeat until we get to measure 59, at the top of page 6, AFTER MORE REPEATS.
Look for the repeat signs and first and second endings in your music. We will review those markings on Monday. plus some of your rehearsal parts include other parts. Makes sense to me to rehearse with the other part, so you can hear and see how things go together. It may seem complicated, but this song is repetitive. Once you get a section, you get to repeat it over and over again. Fun!!
Altos especially need to be strong and precise when they come in on measure 27.
all 3 ostinatos:
alto ostinato:
tenor ostinato:
bass ostinato:
tenor with soprano:
satb without ostinatos:
bass with soprano:

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